Our Project is called „What we couldn´t do without“ and is determined to capture consumer’s behavior during the Sars-CoV-19 crisis.


We collect photos summarizing exceptional and unusual impressions of the former daily life and publish them in a photo documentary.


We focus on empty spaces in Supermarket shelves. Others might walk by ignoring the abandoned shelves but it is where we can take a closer look at our souls. Empty shelves and their vanished products reveal our anxieties, and biggest concerns. The documentation will show what is indispenable to us or at least appears to us as that. However, regardless of the products’ real need, the documentary will reveal what should not be missing in supermarkets during panic buys.


In order to make a divers and collective photo documentary we need your help. When you notice empty shelves during your next visit at supermarket, take a photo and share it with us.

Terms of Use

When you decide to upload your picture to www.was-wir-brauchen.org, you allow us to use your pictures in our book. We will use your images only for this project. There are no claims about payment or naming if your picture is used in the publication. All unused pictures will be deleted after the project is finished. Moreover we promise, that the images will not be used for criminal acts or to damage your reputation.


Thank you for your trust.